“Keepin’ It in the Family,” The Unique Issues of Kinship Care

(Created by the Institute for Human Services for Ohio Child Welfare Training Program by Denise Goodman,  Ph.D)

Total Number of Hours: 3

Specific parts of the foster care program work that this training address:

This workshop is specifically designed for the kinship parent. The following unique issues facing the kinship parent will be discussed: understanding and dealing with the changes experienced as a result of caring for kin children, such as loss, shifting family systems, and lifestyle changes, while maintaining a healthy, safe relationship with the children’s birth parents and other family members. Tips for successful and stress-free parenting are highlighted.

Session Description:

The training content is offered in an interactive format that includes mini-lecture, group  and individual activities. Kinship caregivers are provided the opportunity to identify any needs or resources that would assist the family in maintaining a safe, stable and nurturing placement for children within the VDSS foster care system.

Competencies include the following: