Confronting Fears Myth vs Reality; Foster Families & Birth Families Meeting the Needs of Children

Total Number of Hours: 3

Specific parts of the foster care program work that this training address:

  • Respecting a child's connection to his birth family.
  • Being nonjudgmental in caring for the child, working with his family
    (similarities and differences between a child's primary family and foster or adoptive family).
  • Types of and response to loss, and the factors that influence the experience of separation, loss, and placement
  • Maintaining a home and community environment that promotes safety and well-being.

Session Description:

  • Foster parents “fears” about birth parents (e.g. stalkers, violent, addicts, monsters, will continue to hurt the child, will try to kidnap the child etc.)
  • Birth parents “fears” about foster parents (e.g. want to steal their child, tell lies about them to their children, won’t allow their child to love them etc.)
  • Feelings of the foster parents (birth parents won’t be able to care for the child like they do, won’t keep the child safe, anger, guilt etc.)
  • Feelings of birth parents (guilt, shame, anger, etc.)
  • Explores the feelings of Grief and Loss for the child and birth parent
  • Issues around adoption
  • Real life stories about foster parents and birth parents and outcomes
  • Strategies for building relationships with birth parents and their children. “Bridging the Gap”