Parenting with Love & Logic (Only available in the Northern Region)

Total Number of Hours: 18-20

Specific parts of the foster care program work that this training address:

Session Description:

Love and Logic consist of 6, 2½hour modules each teaching parenting techniques for build healthy, respectful relationships between parents and their children. Parents learn how to offer choices, (control that is shared) discipline with natural and logical consequences,  “ownership of the problem” how to be a counselor vs a helicopter parent, turn their words “into gold” us common sense and understanding to avoid un-winnable power-struggles and arguments, set enforceable limits, how to help their child/ren deal with peer pressure, suggestions for homework issues, chores, and family meetings. The Love and Logic approach uses real life stories and participant activities to help parents practice their new skills.  Participants are encouraged to create a “one year plan” at the end of the training.