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For Resource Families

Training for Prospective Resource Families

CRAFFT assists LDSS with increasing the pool of viable family-based placements by providing pre-service training to prospective resource families using a VDSS-approved curriculum that meets the required competencies outlined in Virginia’s Guidance. CRAFFT provides pre-service training using the VDSS preferred curriculums titled Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education (PRIDE) and A Tradition of Caring (equivalent of PRIDE for kinship caregivers).

Training for Currently Approved Resource Families

CRAFFT assists LDSS with ensuring that currently approved resource families receive opportunities for annual in-service training. In-service training provides an opportunity for resource families to review and learn additional information relevant to the care of children placed in foster care or an adoptive home. It also provides an occasion to engage in discussions related to child safety, permanency, and well-being and assess the family’s skill level and need for additional training.

CRAFFT provides in-service training using the PRIDE Core In-service training curriculum and a range of other resources.

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